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I wanted to give Christina something special for her birthday, but without breaking the bank like we did last year… So why not make a photo book of last year’s birthday present?! We did a seven day road trip along the California Coast making stops at places she had visited with her family when she was younger.

The book is 12″x12″ and is sized for coffee tables, with nearly 200 pages of black and white images from our trip. The book was produced through Blurb publishing and I’m very impressed with their printing. I will be publishing more books in time as funds become available. :)

For the full book preview visit Blurb

Kodak Jiffy

One of my favorite stops along my drive from California to Texas. It’s in Junction when i change highways and I always stop to check out this old barn. I am borrowing two old cameras from Christina’s mum and shot this with a folding Kodak Jiffy and a modified roll of 120 film. Apparently there are some very serious light leaks…

Christmas in Santa Barbara

This was our apartment in Santa Barbara the last Christmas me and Amy spent there. If you look closely you will see a few mugs full of marshmallowy hot chocolate..

Moonlit Sands

Scanning in lots of old negatives from the old days in the desert.

©Britton Orrange

Death Valley Dunes

I found a folder of recovered images from  an old hardrive, this dune shots was one of the gems hiding among all the corrupt and unreadable files. Glad I took one last look through..


Macro Defenses

Macro shots done with a $10 10x Macro Filter off of ebay. The glass is really low quality and its pretty worthless for any sort of commercial purpose.. But come on it’s only ten bucks and I’ve done so much exploring with it! This was a close up of one of those wiry little green vines with thorns, those little things that always grab your jeans or socks if they can get close…
Snowy Shadows

Life Changing

This was quite possibly the most crucial photo I’ve ever taken. Despite my lack of interest in being a photographer, during my Sophomore year in high school I took Photojournalism simply because of a girl. I was far from an artist with the lens and actually shot very rarely because I produced such terrible images. One week in March of that semester I was in the woods of Courtland, NY and snapped this while the sun set behind the mountain. At the end of the semester we showed our work to the teacher, Mrs. Boatright, and I included this image in my collection. Boatright was very excited about it and asked if I wanted to be part of the upcoming gallery. I of course was excited and jumped on the offer. So several of my peers and I had the opportunity to show their work at a local gallery as part of a student collection. After that, Mrs. Boatright urged me to cary a camera around wherever I went so as to cultivate what she saw as some form of raw basic skill. She also practically forced me to include some photo classes into my curriculum when I left for college, and there they told me if you really want to learn photography you need to go to brooks. This photograph changed my life… All the amazing people I’ve met, the ones I’ve loved here in California, The wonderful places I’ve lived, the new lifestyle, the terrific experiences,  the heartbreaking pain of making great new friends knowing that they will be moving far away as soon as this education is complete, and my current career path would never have occurred had this one image not been created. It can all be traced back to this one photograph.

Blows my mind.

Sweets and Treats

Trudy Williams is the sweetest candy store owner in the world. We met her in Ferndale and ended up staying to chat with her for a few hours. She had 9 full photo albums of all the kids that were regulars to her shop over the 38 years she has been in business!


Redwood & Banana Slug

This little slug must have big dreams because he was hanging out in the Avenue of the Giants


Aroma: BBQ and Ocean Water

BBQ’d oysters, compliments of Nick’s Cove staff. They sent over an afternoon snack for us when we arrived at our cottage. Now I don’t like shellfish too much, but they looked and smelled great so we ate them all. I got sick from the last one I ate. Turns out I still don’t like shellfish…


Dinner for Two

Dinner at Nick’s Cove, Quail stuffed with Currants and fried green beans and I don’t remember if Christina’s dish was Halibut or the Blue Fish but it was pretty good as well. It was nothing compared to the Quail! So tasty, and the fried green beans with balsamic vinaigrette was amazing

Breakfast in the Cove

Breakfast is really nice when it’s brought to you in the early am hours and the fog has rolled into the bay. Herbal tea and fresh juice has never been better