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test obsidian

Shot some pretty cool rocks for an Alienware video


X-Factor vs. Red Legion Scrimmage

As we near the end of the season, lets take a look back at one of the first scrimmages of the year between two of the most dangerous and talented teams in the world. Full gallery on FB


Picture Books > Literature


I wanted to give Christina something special for her birthday, but without breaking the bank like we did last year… So why not make a photo book of last year’s birthday present?! We did a seven day road trip along the California Coast making stops at places she had visited with her family when she was younger.

The book is 12″x12″ and is sized for coffee tables, with nearly 200 pages of black and white images from our trip. The book was produced through Blurb publishing and I’m very impressed with their printing. I will be publishing more books in time as funds become available. :)

For the full book preview visit Blurb


The Banjolele Project

Durring my time at Top Drawer thrift store I found this banjolele in one of the bins and it looked not so great.. This is the beginning of the disassembly and repair process!


Misty Creekside

This past week a good friend of ours wanted to do a photoshoot, Christina did some beautiful curls and we went for a casual shoot with her down in the creek behind my parents place. We used a scarf as her top, my sisters aviators, and one of my more vintage button downs that gave her a hippie/rock chic. The day turned into a 100 degrees and everyone had to get back to their real work so we kinda ran out of time and had to call the shoot short before it got it’s chance to mature. Still Misty did wonderful and gave some fantastic images that translate well in Black and White.


Wilhelmina Brown Anniversary

The modeling agency Wilhelmina Brown had it’s anniversary party a few weeks ago and it was a day chock full of amazing people.

We started at Evie Evan with some amazing models, MUA, and Hairstylists. I was invited through Ricky Hodge since he has been inviting Christina and Emily to do some assisting work with him at shoots and shows for a little while now. He had amazing techniques that brought so many textures out of the hair, I was blown away with the process. The ladies at Evie Evan were really great too, I didn’t get to see most of them for too long since they were fusing three of the models with mix media. Two of those turned into birds and the third was wearing a bathing suit made entirely of sequins glued to skin. Very tedious work from what I can imagine! The rest of the models were set to wear designs from Dawn at Boudoir Queen, and she had told me that her entire line was at a show in NY york this week so she had to produce around five new ones within three days.. That woman has got her technique down! I don’t know how she did it, but it was all completed for the show in that short amount of time. All the ladies were fit and styled and were ready to start the show at The Art House. We had about 15 minutes so I pulled them all away individually for a quick shoot before the mayhem that happens at these shows. Too many photographers show up and the whole things turns into a crap shoot since everyone starts shooting at once and no one ends up with any unique photos.

That’s why I love spending my day behind the scenes!


MUA Kara’s Body Painting

A local Makeup Artist was looking for some shots of her working downtown doing body painting for Fat Tuesday. She had been posted up in The 512 for the past weekend doing the painting on a few hired girls as well as anyone who wanted some work done. As soon as there was a little break in clients for her I jumped in for a little painting myself. Nothing too fancy, just some paint lasers coming out of my eyes.


Joey’s Portraits

A handsome young man, Joey had a little portrait session a few weeks back and these were some of my favorite from the shoot. He looks good as a little businessman!

Harry’s Portrait

A longtime friend of the family, Harry was in need of a new headshot and this was one of those candid captures that you get in between posing. This shot reminds me of the image of Winston Churchill by Yousuf Karsh when he just yanked the cigar from his mouth and captured that astonishing portrait. That story always makes me laugh, and reminds me how much I have to learn. I don’t understand how the masters got sooo good at what they did, the lighting techniques and knowledge of  photographic processes. We have unlimited resources with global connections and I still can’t take in all the information I want. I’m overwhelmed with all that I don’t know. Makes my head spin and my imagination race. Someone should feel my heartbeat.



Glassjaw was amazing in San Antonio, They gave out their new album “Coloring Book” for free after the show as well. Sooo Good!


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Death Valley Dunes

I found a folder of recovered images from  an old hardrive, this dune shots was one of the gems hiding among all the corrupt and unreadable files. Glad I took one last look through..