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X-Factor vs. Red Legion Scrimmage

As we near the end of the season, lets take a look back at one of the first scrimmages of the year between two of the most dangerous and talented teams in the world. Full gallery on FB


Lake Side View

Summers in Texas are best spent near the water. This is my second favorite lake in the world.


A Million New Shades of Shadow

Christina just received her order for around 150 shades of eyeshadow and was feeling inspired by Kara’s body painting from last night as well as Mardi Gras in general. She locked herself in the bathroom and got to work, when she was done I couldn’t help but want to shoot it real quick..


Me, You & Dave

Awesome group of guys who just formed this band recently were on the rooftop of the 512 the same night as the body painting and I was just so lucky to have been there to check em out. Real friendly group, playing amazing rock licks with a terrific stage presence. Head on over to their Facebook Page to find out when they’re next gig is!



We have a new addition to our home! We adopted her from the shelter in February, but she is taking her time to warm up to us. We named her Amelie, and she is a terribly sweet little girl. We will keep giving her love until she can be fully comfortable with the house and all of it’s guests.

Kodak Jiffy

One of my favorite stops along my drive from California to Texas. It’s in Junction when i change highways and I always stop to check out this old barn. I am borrowing two old cameras from Christina’s mum and shot this with a folding Kodak Jiffy and a modified roll of 120 film. Apparently there are some very serious light leaks…

Idaho Steelhead

Tamarac Resort by Holga

We just got back from a trip to Tamarac Ski Resort in Idaho. My camera was in the shop so all I had with me was my trusty Holga. It was a beautiful resort with a lot of hidden treasures. The resort went bankrupt and is currently being run by the Home Owner’s Association, and is pleasantly populated by about 150 residents. The lines are non existent and the skiing is fantastic.

Christmas in Santa Barbara

This was our apartment in Santa Barbara the last Christmas me and Amy spent there. If you look closely you will see a few mugs full of marshmallowy hot chocolate..

Moonlit Sands

Scanning in lots of old negatives from the old days in the desert.

St. Stephens

St. Stephens Cathedral in Vienna had too much space to capture, gorgeous gothic staircases and chandeliers, stain glass windows with such amazing saturation in the glass

Bakery In The Alleyway

Les Affiches

This was a great little bakery/cafe off the main road that had fresh bread and very comfortable lounge chairs

Ride the Pony


One of our wandering nights in Rome, found this carousel next to the river