Wilhelmina Brown Anniversary

The modeling agency Wilhelmina Brown had it’s anniversary party a few weeks ago and it was a day chock full of amazing people.

We started at Evie Evan with some amazing models, MUA, and Hairstylists. I was invited through Ricky Hodge since he has been inviting Christina and Emily to do some assisting work with him at shoots and shows for a little while now. He had amazing techniques that brought so many textures out of the hair, I was blown away with the process. The ladies at Evie Evan were really great too, I didn’t get to see most of them for too long since they were fusing three of the models with mix media. Two of those turned into birds and the third was wearing a bathing suit made entirely of sequins glued to skin. Very tedious work from what I can imagine! The rest of the models were set to wear designs from Dawn at Boudoir Queen, and she had told me that her entire line was at a show in NY york this week so she had to produce around five new ones within three days.. That woman has got her technique down! I don’t know how she did it, but it was all completed for the show in that short amount of time. All the ladies were fit and styled and were ready to start the show at The Art House. We had about 15 minutes so I pulled them all away individually for a quick shoot before the mayhem that happens at these shows. Too many photographers show up and the whole things turns into a crap shoot since everyone starts shooting at once and no one ends up with any unique photos.

That’s why I love spending my day behind the scenes!

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